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EllaBèl Products is officially in full effect. To start off our collection, we are here to present our lovely lace remover.


  • Fast Acting 
  • Gentle on skin
  • Sensitivity friendly 
  • Pain free remover 


Are you in need of a quick , safe, and effective lace remover. UNMelt Me remover has been formulated to create a easy experience of taking down your lace units. Removes variety of lace adhesvies. This formula is safe on edges and skin, helps to preserve hairline.  There is no harsh toxins or ingredients used that may create bumps, burning, or irriation.


Ingredients: Hydrocarbons, Organic Wetting Agents, Citrus Oil 


Precautions: For external use only. 

UNMelt Me Lace Remover

  • Conduct a Patch Test First

    Add drops to adhered area

    To activate remover massage with fingers 

    Allow lace to detach and lossen 

    Do not pull or rip lace off!

    Wipe remaining residue off with additional remover and hand rag


    Disclaimer: Please ensure you conduct a patch in the corner near side burns to ensure you are not allergic to products. We are not responsible for illness or allergic reaction.

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